This is going to be one of many weekly posts about some of the more strange comical or bad events that have happened at the track.  This particular story I got to work with one of my favorite people SMA.  It`s important to know that I am absolutely horrible at remembering people’s names so almost everyone I work with has a nickname.  SMA was supervisor up on the grandstand level working a party of Soccer Moms, and called me to see if I would come help her out.  I got up to the Mutuel Line and went down to open my window, and all I could say was WOW.  there was like 100 woman all over the place, most had been drinking and partying and just trying to have the most fun they could at a day at the races.

After getting ready and preparing to open my window SMA walks over and just stares at me.  I know that look, it`s her “try to behave yourself” look.  Now I open my window, and it`s SMA and myself.  All at once the entire group of women spot me, the only guy working and they all flock over and line up just in my window.  Again SMA looks over at me, but this time just starts laughing.  I have this line of women about 50 feet long, it wraps around a pillar at one point and curves before the row of chairs.

It started out ok, just a bunch of women smiling and being nice, but as the day went on it took a different turn.  The more they drank the crazier it got.  I had women flirting with me, trying to give me their numbers (it`s important to note, at this time I was all of 20 years old ).  One of the women was so hammered she didn`t even bother hiding the fact she was trying to show me her boobs.  This was way beyond the here’s a peak at some cleavage, it went right to the “Gonna see how many buttons i can undo before my shirt flies open”.  Another was so drunk not only did she spill her drink in my window, but she didn`t even notice the puddle of alcohol all over the place.


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Now it`s official SMA doesn`t even try anymore to sell wagers from her window.  She just closes up and sits back to watch the show.  Not that it really mattered at this point, most of the Soccer Moms had spent all their money at the bar on mixed drinks.  I had maybe 3 people at that point actually bet in my window, the rest were just there for other motives.   I was so glad that day ended, but I enjoyed every minute of it.