Most people have called in sick to work for reasons other than actually being sick.  This time was no exception, although I wasn`t the one doing the calling in.

Picture of an old Nortel Pay Phone

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I was working nights at the time, and as usual I was goofing off and talking to my boss because we were slow that night.  Now at that time my boss gets a call from the Mutuel Office saying one of the girls wasn`t going to be at work tonight.  It`s at that moment we see her standing at the pay phone by the bar, which is at most 30 feet from the Mutuel Line.  My boss at this point is trying to keep me from laughing, but he just can`t.  Calling in sick to work from a pay phone at work, moves you right to the front of the “what an idiot” line for faking an illness.  At this point i start getting angry, I was like ” I asked off for yesterday and couldn`t get it, but she can call in sick from the payphone!” We spent the rest of that night laughing at it, and talking about different ideas for calling in next time either one of us has to miss a day.