Sometimes at the track, there are things for the people to do that don`t involve betting, like t-shirt give aways, or silly competitions to win prizes.  Most tracks have a mascot that appears for some of these events, as extra fan fare.  This time around the track was having a “Throw a football through a tire” challenge for a free shirt.

After watching roughly 40 people miss the tire altogether, the track`s mascot tries to join in the action as a joke.  The mascot was a horse(not a real one, but a guy in a suit).  Since he was a horse his costume had no hands just hooves.  Somehow he manages to scoop the ball up in between both arms and he sidearm slings it.  Now he was standing at least twice the distance as the contestants, I would say maybe 45-50 feet away.  Without even facing in the right direction he spins and throws it right through the center.  No touching the sides or bouncing off the ground, dead center!

The look of disgust on all the customers faces as the ball went through was just too much to bare.  Myself and another employee dove behind a counter so nobody would notice the laughter. In between laughs we heard this little old lady shout “When the mascot wins its time to go home”

Mascot Race! YES!

Mascot Race! YES! (Photo credit: VancityAllie)