It started out being a normal saturday,  working a mutuel window and having fun.  Well, about the time of the 5th race, I had to use the bathroom, I get up and proceed towards the bathrooms.  I have to go really bad at this point so I`m unbuttoning my pants as I close the door behind me.  When all of a sudden I hear the sound of someone running and then a voice yelling “Ed my love!”  CRACK!! the door I was closing at this point is kicked open smacking me in the head, and on the way down I hit my head again this time on the toilet in front of me, bouncing off of it and hitting my head once again on the sink in the corner of the bathroom.  Now by this time everything is fading to black, and I am losing consciousness fast.

Sometime later I wake up and stumble out of the bathroom, still unsure if I went to the bathroom or not.  Once at my window I notice my  pants are no longer buttoned, not because I unbuttoned them but the button itself is just gone.  While trying to figure out what to do I decide to ask my supervisor.  At this moment I notice the wall that is behind me as it`s moving away slowly.  My boss at the time discovers me and I am sure was ready to give me a hard time, but apparently noticed I`m not really sure what`s going on,  I got my pants held up in one hand and trying to grasp a wall that seems to be moving away from me with the other.  Then….not sure what happened after.

Fast forward to sunday, now here I am standing in the exact same spot that was the last memory I had of saturday but it`s now Sunday.  Only reason that I am aware of it being sunday, now is the fact, the first race is 15 minutes to post.  After looking around lost for a minute or two, I spot a safety-pin now holding my pants up.  No idea where it came from how it got there, or even when it got fixed, but all I knew was I had a safety-pin holding up my pants.  Seeing this startled me a bit and somehow one of my coworkers heard me ask “where the $#”@ did this safety-pin come from? and “Why am i wearing the same clothes from yesterday?”

The answer I received was not what I was expecting.  “O yea well, after you came out of the bathroom, you seemed a bit strange.  You stood there holding your pants up asking everyone around for something to fasten your pants with.  That`s when the supervisor thought it was best to send you home early since you were hurt”  most people would have been happy to leave work early, my first thought was  ” Why the “#$% would you let me leave work and drive home if you knew I was injured and probably had a concussion?!”

To this day , I still don`t remember what happened after this or even before in the 20 plus hours that were between the wall and the 1st race.  All I can say is that a toilet sink and door leave one humongous knot on the side of your head!