Each and every mutuel ticket has many things printed on them.  Things like the track you wagered on, race number, and bet are written, but also a few other things too. There is the time you purchased it, not just the time but the day and month and even year as well are written on it.  This is valuable information because tickets usually are good for a certain amount of time.  On some tickets they might even print something along the lines of , expires in 90 days.  This is due to the fact there are many millions of tickets sold everyday and there is a need to reuse the serial numbers for another bet.

The location of where you bought the ticket is also written on it.  Not just the track but the exact spot you purchased it from.  Whether it came from an OTB, or a mutuel teller on track or one of the self-service machines.  The exact “window number” is written on the ticket.  Although this bit of information is more valuable to the teller than you.  Sometimes when trying to cash what seems like a winning ticket , the ticket wont cash and says invalid.  After looking at the ticket we spot that it was from another track or place altogether.  An example would be , purchasing a ticket at one race track and trying to cash it at another.

The last bit of really important information on the ticket is the serial number.  Everything about the ticket is printed in 1 number.  The time, date, location, bet, everything.  This might seem strange to have on a ticket but comes in handy quite a bit.  If the ticket gets wet or crumbled or faded , doesn`t print correctly or is torn into pieces and just not able to be run through the machine to cash this number can be input into the machine to cash the ticket.  In the case of a faded or misprinted ticket the number can be looked up to tell what the bet was.

Also on each ticket is the actual bet itself.  Familiarizing yourself with this information is a must.  Being able to read this, will help you keep track of winners and losers, or even tickets on races that havent happened yet.  Betting on many races ahead of time can make it hard to keep track of which win and lose, so it really is a must for the person betting to at least learn what his bet is.

If you are interested in any of these things and can’t seem to figure them out, don`t be afraid to ask a teller.  Unless we are really busy , we would be glad to teach you about your bet.  Unfortunately I couldn`t find a decent picture of a ticket to show for this.  Only one I found was in another language.  They use different bets than we do, but even in another language i could spot when it was printed and what race it was for.