At every race track there are people considered regulars.  most of them are really great people who you enjoy seeing when they come to bet or talk about stuff.  Sometimes though there are people who just seem to bother you, why you aren`t sure.  They  just are annoying for some reason.  We had one particular guy we call the “Chicken Man”.  Every time he came to bet, whether we were busy or had a line of people he would start talking about some store brand chicken he bought that day for dinner.  At first , it was ok.  but after about a few weeks of it, it got old really fast.  To me, it seemed like he was trying to sell me some chicken and maybe was in charge of their advertising.

Well one fine day, there I sat working a window talking to my coworkers when we weren’t busy.  Apparently the chicken man was having a very bad day and tried to take it out on someone else.  He charged up to the window, and started accusing me of making a mistake.  “I wanted the 4 horse!  I know i told you number 4 and you gave me the 8”  That was the short version what he actually said was about 5 and a half minutes of bleeps and words that wouldv`e made someone on death row blush.

Ordinarily I`m not one that takes getting yelled at very well even if I did it.  The kind of person that wont go down without a fight.  To the surprise of everyone around though, especially my boss, I sat there quietly with the biggest smile you have ever seen.  Come to think of it, that probably wasn`t good, might have made him angry that I was smiling while he was yelling, but anyway.  I sat there, smiling and happy for 5 minutes.  It ended in him yelling “I`m never going to your window ever again!”.

Eventually he ran out of breath and left.  Then my boss came up to see if I was ok, and ask why I was smiling.  “Man that guy let you have it, cussing and screaming, what happened? and Why are you smiling after that?!”   I leaned over and in-between laughs said “He got that ticket from you! and best part is I don`t have to hear about chicken ever again.”

This is a side note, but I figure he actually said the number that was on his ticket.  He didn`t even remember who he got the ticket from, odds are he probably didn`t remember what he bet on.  Guess we will never know.

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