Been kinda busy today so just time for one story.

This day started like any other day, walk into the grandstand, go downstairs clock in for work, go to the mutuel line, stand proudly for the national anthem, and watch as a fight breaks out behind you!  Not just any fight either, the kind of fight that everyone within 500 ft stops and watches.  It started out simple, one girl approaching the girl working at the pizza stand, and talking.  The talking began to get louder and louder and soon it was more of a screaming match.  Still important to note, at this part nobody had any idea what they were talking about.  most people were checking out the horses and doing other things that weren`t near the pizza stand.

Apparently the girl who wasn`t working the pizza stand, had  enough.  She hurdles the counter and begins wailing away at the pizza girl.  Pulling hair, scratching and even punching.  Whoever said girls can`t fight needed to watch this girl in action!  Some pay per view boxing matches weren`t this exciting.  About this time the pizza girl somehow manages to collect her self and prepare to fight back.  She drills the other girl square in the jaw and all hell breaks loose.  The 2 girls are just swinging wildly trying to almost kill the other one, I imagine this is what gladiators fought like.  It `s so bad at this point customers are diving over the counter to try to split them apart. An important note here, if you have customers diving over counters and going into a place they know would get them thrown out for life, the situation is beyond bad.  It took a few security guards and a handful of customers to break this event up.  The best part was finding out later they were fighting over a guy.  I`m not talking about Brad Pitt or someone like that just some average guy.  Almost be willing to bet , after work the 2 found him and started up the fight again but we will never know.