Almost everyone in the horse racing industry is there for the same reason, they love horses and horse racing.  There aren`t any fancy degrees related to horse racing, and you wont get rich working on the track most people scrap by.  “Why would anyone want that life?”  well the answer is simple they just enjoy it.  Many people were born into horse racing.  Their parents or other relatives were a part of it, and got them interested in horses at a very young age (that is how I ended up being a part of things).  One major thing that sets us apart from a lot of places is our willingness to help each other out in bad times.  I have been to many fish fries and cake sale fund-raisers that were to help someone in need.  People fighting cancer or injuries, or even just struggling to get through some hard times.

The cake sale was always my favorite, although I was aware that having a cake sale meant someone was in trouble.  The cake sale, was filled with lots of great cakes to choose from.  Might spend half an hour looking at the cakes trying to figure out which one to bid on.  The cake sale itself was more of an auction, then just a sale.  Anyway the time would come and the bidding would start.  It`s important to note that these auctions were a bit different from a real auction.  It wasn`t really about the cake itself, but the chance to help each other and show your support.  Bidding on a cake against someone you knew, each trying to run the other up but knowing that it was for a good cause.  After winning the cake watching the person pay for it, then turn around and auction it off again for more cash.  I think for me my favorite moment was sitting watching the sale begin and out of no where, hearing ” $350!”.  The crowd turned around to find our very own general manager had showed up to support the cause.

Our get togethers weren`t always for troubled times.  Fish fries and BBQ usually meant someone had been hunting or fishing and caught way too many things for themselves and their family to eat.  Only thing you can do with that is have a cookout and enjoy great food with family and friends.