Amateur clown

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Some days at the track are filled with large crowds and special events.  On these days, the track sometimes hires outside help to entertain the fans.  On one occasion , the track hired a clown.  Who doesn`t love clowns and the joy they bring to kids.  Painting faces, and doing magic tricks, and my favorite balloon animals.  The only problem was this particular clown only made 4 balloon animals, and the most kid appropriate one was a gun!  The other ones he made were a Dolly Parton balloon, which came complete with large chest.  Then the 2 strangest balloons, a male and female poodle.  You might be thinking”How do you know he made male and female poodles?”  Well the male poodle had a poodle penis, and the female was pregnant.  Yes I said “Pregnant” .  I really hate to admit it, but man, that pregnant poodle animal was hilarious.  The balloons might have been inappropriate but they were very well crafted and took great imagination to come up with.  I used to think maybe if he created a horse balloon animal, but after thinking about things, it`s best for everyone that he doesn`t.  To this very day, when a clown approaches, all i can think is “wonder if he can make a pregnant poodle?”