People often ask me what I think was the most work of any job on the front side at a race track.  Usually they are shocked to hear “Guest Relations”.    Now it`s not because you have to deal with customers everyday, or anything along those lines.  To be in guest relations requires learning a bit about every job on the front side. From serving food, to selling tickets(both betting tickets and admission tickets) You have to learn a little about the different jobs on the front side.

I have worked security keeping the peace and keeping people from going into the wrong areas, at concerts held on the grounds.  Sold T-shirts, and other items at the gift shop, answered the switch board phones filling in for people when they go on lunch break.  Also responsible for running photos.  Some tracks have a wall that they post the photo of every race on, and my job would be to run all the way up to the placing judges area get the photo and go hang it on the board.  We were responsible for video taping races so that people could watch them another day or even years later.  I go to supervise playgrounds and the spacejump thing, take down race results, you name it.

Even though I didn’t sell any real wagers, as a part of guest relations we were the first OTB.  We would take a machine to random places like the mall or park, and people would bet 2 dollars on a race from a previous time.  They just won T-shirts and other things no money, but still guest relations did it first.

Guest relations does a little bit of everything, and is really fun too.  I learned a lot about things and only worked maybe 1 year there before going to Mutuels.