Now working in the gambling industry, I thought I had seen and done everything.  Witnessing heart attacks,  fights,  winning millions, you name it I have seen it happen.  That all changed one day on the grandstand level.  I was asked to work a special group event with my boss.  Most times working a window there’s a few people working windows on the line you are working, but working this special event there was just the 2 of us.  The particular event in question was for a group of handicapped people and the people who were in charge of looking after them.

Of all the people, I can recall, every betting in my window the handicapped people seemed to have the most fun and enjoy the entire race track experience the most.  They cheered for the horses really loudly, and ran over to the window to look at them run by the track.  After each race was over they would run to the opposite side and look out the window to watch the horses in the paddock.They really had a blast, and I wish that more people would enjoy themselves as much as they did.

That is about the time I realized I had been selling wagers to them for a few hours.  Before you go getting angry, they are legally allowed to gamble, and no rules were broken at all.  And truth be told, eventhough they were only betting simple bets that cost about 2 dollars each, they won times than anyone that ever bet with me.  At the same time though, it hit me.  This is what it must feel like to take candy from a baby.  Selling bets to people who couldn’t understand what they were betting and really didn`t care either.

I asked my boss if the fact the 2 of us were made to sell tickets to them meant that the higher-ups thought we had the least morals of anyone working.  Lucky for me my boss was always good at pointing out things to get you out of trouble.  This time he pointed out one simple fact.  He said “At least we aren`t as bad as the people here that were supposed to watch over them”.

That is when I noticed, we had not seem any of the “helpers” that day.  It turns out that while my boss and I were trying to help the handicapped people out and make sure they enjoyed their trip to the horses, the so-called helpers were there doing anything but helping.  They either stood by the bar drinking the entire time, or took money from the people supposedly to look after it, but it just went in their pocket or to the bar tabs.  I am fairly sure to this day , nothing has come that close to being “completely wrong”.

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